VRS080 – The 5 Most Important Elements of Your Vacation Rental Welcome Book

I go to a lot of vacation rentals – as a guest. The only time I ever stay in a hotel is near the airport before an early morning flight, or when I’m at a conference and want to be on-site.

Of course I’m ultra-critical just because I’m in the business, but I select carefully and am usually very happy with my choices. The one thing that is often disappointing is the Welcome Book/Property Guide.

I have high expectations particularly when I’m somewhere I haven’t been before. I want far more than a scrappy folder with out-of-date tourist information and scribbled notes, but that is often what we see.

And then owners tell me that no-one ever reads it anyway so why bother?

Well, you should bother and in this episode I tell you what I think are the most important elements in your Welcome Book. And…the best ways of delivering it.

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Here’s what I cover:

  • Why your guide needs to look good and ways of creating something special
  • The most important single page and the one that will get read
  • Where to put your emergency contact information and it’s not in the back of the book
  • What to put in the Quick Start Guide
  • The importance of a Table of Contents and Tabs
  • Where to put your appliance manuals
  • Why personal recommendations are so important
  • How to make your hospitality shine through
  • The alternatives to a paper manual
  • The PDF guide
  • Why Touch Stay could be a solution

Links to resources covered in this episode:

Podcast Movement
Touch Stay
The Evolution of the Welcome Book with Andy McNulty
Property Manager Tools
The Vacation Rental Welcome Book

Janet Bartoli

Good podcast and some nice resources too! As a guest I have seen some pretty bad guest books, mostly outdated too. Anyone have a good digital guest book? We provide our vacation property managers with a great virtual concierge resource that you might find a little more “guest friendly”

Amy Blomquist

Loved the decorative firewood story. Did you get caught?

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