VRS073 – Scott Shatford Airbnb Super Host & Founder of Renting Your Place

In 2002, Mike moved out to Ontario after leaving the British Army. He’d just finished a 6-month tour in Kosovo and at the age of 21 had seen enough grimness to last him a lifetime.

He moved into one of our rental homes while he set up his property management business and began working for our UK travel company, Clearwater Holidays.

Life at first was a lonely but kept himself busy viewing rental cottages and acting as liaison between us in England and cottage owners in Ontario.

rockyOne day when visiting a lakefront property he was met by a friendly golden retriever who made it clear he liked Mike and wanted his company. The owners explained that their daughter’s dog, Rocky, was equally lonely, because he was left alone for long periods and often moved around from place to place as they were frequent travelers and couldn’t take him with them.

Although they loved this gentle boy, they worried that he wasn’t getting the attention he really wanted.

Mike saw an opportunity to have a fur friend to keep him company, at least for a couple of weeks and offered to look after Rocky while the owners went on a trip to the US. And, to cut a longer story short, Rocky had found himself a new forever home where he lived to a grand old age.

Why am I telling you this?

Let’s fast forward to this past Easter weekend.

I’d heard of Scott Shatford of Renting Your Place, from my friend Matt Landau. Scott is an Airbnb super host and the co-founder of Renting Your Place, a site that explains the best ways of renting via Airbnb and provides insights into the profitability of properties by analyzing pricing, occupancy rates and monthly revenues.

I really wanted to talk to Scott and find out more.

tweetTweet: #Airbnb is essential to your #VacationRental marketing plan @ScottShatford shares knowledge http://ctt.ec/a0fFY+ pic.twitter.com/fkAAoYwPHX

We’d set up a time and date for our interview, and Scott mentioned it to the guests at his dinner table over an Easter meal at his home in Santa Monica.

It turned out that Scott’s in-laws were the owners of that lakefront property where Mike first met Rocky and their daughter, Scott’s wife, was Rocky’s first ‘mom’.

How’s that for coincidence, synchronicity…….woowoo…whatever you might call it?

I love it when these things happen and believe they happen for a real reason. Making connections with people where they are already connections in place has real meaning. After my conversation with Scott on this episode I feel we will work together in some way very soon.


In this episode we talk about:

  • How Scott got into the vacation rental business and why Airbnb has impacted it so much
  • Property management and screening
  • Why he no longer takes damage deposits and likes instant booking
  • What makes an Airbnb ‘Super Host’
  • Scott’s book, Secrets to Making 6 Figures as a Rentalpreneur
  • The 6 Types of Airbnb Hosts
  • City Intelligence reports and how realtors can use them


Sites mentioned in this episode:

Renting Your Place

Urban Bellhop

Pillow Homes

Host Wise

Afford Anything


52 Most Successful AIRBNB Rentals

The Secrets of Airbnb Super Hosts – Fast Company


Where you can find Scott:











Tom Thompson

When can we expect to see “Destination Payoff” in the statws

    Heather Bayer

    It will be another few weeks Tom. Don’t worry though we will be sure to let the Cottage Blogger community know as soon as we know.

    Scott Shatford

    Hi Tom,
    Reporting each properties estimated “Payoff” is the ultimate goal but it is expensive to retrieve the data especially when thinking globally. What we will be doing in the next few months is more aggregated reporting about average cost of home/rental vs. average short-term rental revenue to highlight hotspots. Sign up for the rentingyourplace.com newsletter and we’ll keep you posted on these developments.

    Heather Bayer

    HI Tom
    I see Scott answered this thinking you were referring to his stats analysis, but I think you are referring to Scott McGillivrays Income Property series? If so, we don’t know when it will be broadcast in the US but will be making a lot of noise about it when it does, so you will probably hear about it!

Phoebe Thomas

Hi Heather, I just listed to your Podcast which was interesting, I enjoyed listening to Scott and just wished we could have more of that entrepreneurial spirit in France. Most of his tips are things I already do as a VR owner/Airbnb host and some just wouldn’t work for my particular place. What I wish is that he’d do some stats for the Nice area on the Côte d’Azur, not just Paris and not just Nice itself. Anyway I also wanted to say that you featured me on your blog about the way I used Pinterest (https://www.vacationrentalformula.com/holiday-home-owner-uses-pinterest-to-create-site-traffic/ ) about 3 years ago just as I was getting going. How Pinterest has changed now! I still use it and love it, just have to be much more blatant than before. I wish it was still as “subtle” as it used to be. When you wrote about me I hadn’t started my blog, which I must have started only days later so I didn’t know about the power of sharing blog posts and spreading them around social media, or even about commenting! I’m much more savvy now, though still learning new things every day. I was so chuffed to be picked up by you back then, and I’d be delighted to collaborate with you sometime. I’d love it if you take a look at my blog. I’ve never listened to your podcasts before so I was surprised to hear your English accent! I better stop as I seem to be writing a book!

    Heather Bayer

    Hi Phoebe! I think I need to book you onto the podcast Phoebe to talk about Pinterest. Email me at heather@vacationrentalformula.com with your blog details and how I can contact you.

      Phoebe Thomas

      will do!

debra d

I wonder what he thinks of his business model now that the city of Santa Monica is considering banning ALL vacation rentals. Period. No exceptions. This is the hardest line stance of regulations AGAINST the vacation rental industry sweeping cities across Southern California. I think it prudent to share in the conversation about the business of vacation rentals the fact that it is under serious scrutiny by many urban centers across the world. Particularly if the guest featured is discussing his business in one of the cities in question.

    Scott Shatford

    Just this week Santa Monica approved an ordinance that will require short-term term rentals to obtain a business permit and pay a occupancy tax. It’s not clear at this point what the requirements will be to obtain a license but the plan here is to jump through the additional hurdles pay the necessary taxes and continue with business as usual.

Theresa Nicoletto

Great Post! Thank you for sharing

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