VRS057 – Get Productive in 2015 with 7 Free Resources to Free up your time

Mike and I sat down to reflect back on 2014, and share our plans for the new year. We agreed that information overload and overwhelm was a great part of our experience of the year so wanted to bring you the resources we’ve been using to chart our way through the myriad blogs, podcasts, digital products that come into our inboxes.

During the episode Mike kindly suggested that he would do a quick demo of Canva and how easy it is to use. Check out the video below and see if Canva could work for you.


We also talk about our new venture – a training product for real estate agents that will enable them to become better at selling vacation rental homes. We’re so excited about the quality of this training – because it brings together one of the most successful Orlando realtors, Erica Muller, a veteran of seven vacation rental purchases (that will be me), and Mike’s technical and strategic skills.

Check out the links to other items mentioned in this episode (The links to the 7 Productivity Resources are in the download above).

Was 2014 The Year Of The Entrepreneur

Real Estate Advanced Learning For Vacation Rental

Thibault Masson

Thank you for letting us have a peek at what’s going on behind the scenes! As Mike and Heather deliver so much value, I have always wondered what tools they had to help them. I already use Asana, but Canva is the big one for me here. Thanks for the demo Mike. I use ShareAsImage and PicMonkey, but Canva is a better all-in-one tool.
Have a great year and have a great success with your next venture.

    Heather Bayer

    Thanks Thibault. Glad you found the video useful. Are there other products /tools you think would be valuable to the Cottage Blogger community that we should demo or review?

Mary (http://owlhaven.net)

Heather, I’m so much enjoy your podcasts. After dreaming about our own place on the beach for at least 10 years, and being vacation renters all that time, in November my husband and I bought a piece of land on the Oregon coast. Our goal is to build a vacation rental there in the next five years, and since our family is very large, we are envisioning something that could comfortably fit 2 dozen.

From our years of renting, I’ve got a long list of requirements that I look for when house hunting. In fact, I could easily chat with you for half an hour about our various experiences– the ‘psycho’ trail down to the beach, the rental that was booked as a 5 bedroom and was really more like three, the mice in one house, the time the stove caught on fire (same house as the mice-we got a discount that year!) — and what we’ve learned about vacation rentals along the way. But I know there’s LOTS that I don’t yet know.

Know of any large-house owners willing to chat with you the issues and considerations that owners face outfitting, cleaning, and keeping up larger homes? I’d love a podcast on THAT topic! I am excitedly listening to your podcasts and taking lots of notes. I’m certain that all the info you provide will help us get our rental legs under us much sooner and much more steadily. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

Mary Ostyn

    Heather Bayer

    Hi Mary – Congratulations on buying the land! I love the idea of a topic on large houses and have added it to the list. I’ve often wondered what it must be like to manage a big house – the largest I had was a five bedroom that accommodated up to 12, and that was a challenge on changeover day.

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