VRS056 – Forums, Makeovers and Vacation Rental Marketing Analysis with Matt Landau

When Matt Landau emailed me to say he was launching the Vacation Rental Marketing Makeover 2015, and looking for his next willing ‘victim’, I had to get him on the show to talk about it and we ended up discussing much more.

From moving his Inner Circle Facebook group to a new forum platform, to an upcoming report that will show which marketing activity generates the most bookings at the lowest cost, Matt shares a bunch of his best stuff.

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Not only that, but you get to be the fly on the wall as we talk about setting up a regular podcast session in the New Year. Who knows what will come of that? Perhaps we’ll end up doing quick and dirty makeovers on the fly? Hey, Matt – why didn’t you think of that one?

In this session we talk about:

  • How to submit your makeover tip
  • The critieria Matt will use to pick a winner
  • Why it would be good to be in the top 10
  • Matt’s new take on social marketing
  • Why paying for forum membership could be the best move you can make
  • The generosity of Inner Circle members
    And much more…………..

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Where you can find Matt:









Antonio Bortolotti

Thumbs up, Heather and Matt! As always, and btw…Merry Christmas to you all!

    Heather Bayer

    Hey Antonio…great to hear from you. I imagined you listening while laying back on a Turks and Caicos beach!

      Antonio Bortolotti

      Correct, Heather! And while listening under a pine tree, I kept on dreaming about this ‘abandoned’ house for sale…(You may not see it, but it’s there!)


Very excited to listen to your future mash ups with Matt! I really enjoy listening to your opinions about the vacation industry and opportunities to improve. Warmest wishes for the holidays and health and happiness in the New Year!

Heather Bayer

Thanks Nancy – is there anything you’d like us to cover? We would love to answer specific questions from listeners


Fantastic Heather and Matt!! Mash ups for 2015 – BRILLIANT!! There are a hand full of “experts” I’d drop everything and listen to- For me personally and in business it’s all about building relationships and with the “mobility” factor the horizon is endless. Just finished my 2014 recap and 53% of my booked stays were returning guests. The % is my greatest accomplishment to date. Thank you for the inspiring “chat” and as always for your continued generosity. Cheers and happy 2015.

    Antonio Bortolotti

    That’s the way to go Julia!


I just purchased my first vacation home 4 months ago and I rent my vacation home to guests visiting kissimmee/ Disney area. Would anyone have any suggestions to any local property management cimpairs in the kissimmee area? Im trying to avoid paying housekeeping fees and doing 70/30 splits.



      Heather Bayer

      Hi Carmen – congratulations on your new home. Property management fees can take a huge chunk from your income. Send me your email address from the contact page and I can put you in touch with someone I know in the area.

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