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VRS053 – Amy Blomquist – Vacation Rental Owner and Memory Creator

Wherewaterfalls is Amy Blomquist’s vacation rental property in Loma Mar, California. A beautifully presented and photographed off-the-beaten-track home that delights every guest that visits.

I could just say that, but in fact there is far more to it …..a fascinating story of Scandinavian immigrants who crossed the ocean in the 19th century, built a business in the timber industry and created a family community that continues to live in the same area.

As a direct descendent of that first settler Amy is rightly proud of her ancestry; the Scandinavian hospitality has clearly been passed through the generations as this seems to be part of Amy’s genetic make-up.

This episode explores Amy’s progress from a start-up vacation rental property to the highly successful reservation machine it has turned into. Given that occupancy has increased 50% in the past year, it is clear she is operating a successful strategy that encompasses her innate philosophy of hospitality together with a strong marketing approach.

tweetAmazing what @wherewaterfalls has done with her #vacationrental property in #Pescadero #California.

Amy initially wondered whether it would be possible to promote a more remote property and be successful in an area that is less well-known. She has proved that it is. By creating a beautiful website, incorporating social media tactics and delivering outstanding customer service, she is fulfilling a goal – to be less dependent on the major listing sites…

In this episode we talk about:

  • How tuning into the demands for distressing and reconnection drives traffic
  • Why telling a story on her website is effective
  • Using hypnotic imagery in the web text
  • The importance of photography to tell the story
  • The growth in organic traffic to the Wherewaterfalls website
  • The value of consistent learning
  • Why she has created an Insider Guide
  • The importance of Amy’s Google Plus page in her marketing mix
  • Amy’s take on hospitality and why we should take notice


Links to sites mentioned in the episode:

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Vacation Insider Guides

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Where you can find Amy:











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