VRS050 – Lessons from Vacation Rental Experts – What we’ve learned from 35 Interviews

Yay! We’ve reached Episode 50 and have more than 35 interviews recorded. It was a pleasant exercise to go back through them all and review the learning points so in this milestone episode, Mike and I discuss some of the best lessons we’ve learned and applied in our own marketing and VR operations.

Mike and Andrea have been doing some renovations to Sea Breeze and have been revamping their website and marketing strategies. He’s been using many of the tips and recommendations the experts we’ve interviewed have shared.

I’m also sharing the winter line-up of stellar podcast guests that I hope will keep you company during your walks in the snow (or along the sand), the drive to work, or the hour on the treadmill.

We value you so much as a listener and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to tune in. It’s a very special privilege to be in your earbuds or headset and we don’t take it for granted.


As a thank you for your listenership we would like to offer you a 50% discount off our most popular download, ‘Hypnotic Language For Vacation Rental Listings and Emails'


tweetThx to @cottageguru @mikebayer525 for 50 great episodes of the #vacationrental success podcast. Keep them coming!

 In this episode Mike and I talk about:


Heather! Can’t wait to meet up in Orlando. Really excited to have your first hand knowledge during the conference. Hoping to gather lots of nuggets!! Thank you and Mike for all the wonderful content and inspiration.

Paul Bedford

Thanks Heather,
Lots of food for thought here. I enjoy listening to your podcasts, and will incorporate some of the ideas into the RentHuron.com website!

Paula AL

I am a very very recent reader of CottageBlogger.com and already a little “obsessed” with the podcasts! 🙂 I find it the most efficient way for me to get to all the precious information you share….(I drive a lot…)

I am from Northern Portugal. My family and I have started to vacation rental in 2012, just one bedroom guest house first (we don’t usuallly use the word cottage, hope to clear that one day, which should we use….) and now we have 3 – almost 4 – since last Summer. They were all renovated/reconstructed on our own farm like property. Our daughters, my husband and I live just a few meters away from the guest houses.

We’re very happy with the experience overall. And to feel so closely related to so many people in your community is wonderful. We tend to isolate ourselves around here in the country… 🙂

I’ll keep in touch and I’ll try to share my own point of view whenever I can 🙂

Thank you!

    Heather Bayer

    Hi Paula and welcome – and thank you for listening! Please do share your thoughts; it sounds as though you have some great experiences with your vacation homes and we’d love to hear about them.

      Paula AL

      Thank you! We have a long way ahead of us 🙂
      Right now I am struggling with the decision about starting the new functionality offered by HomeAway.pt – online payments. I’ve heard you mentioning it for (maybe) a future podcast, one day.
      I don’t remember if I was listening to a recent or an older episode…
      I’ll look carefully to the podcasts list again.

Ramon Hipon

Hi Heather, thanks for sharing this very informative podcasts about vacation renting from experts. I’ll be sharing this to a friend as he also runs a an online business similar to this one.


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