VRS035 – Quick and Easy Tips from VRWS 2014 with Antonio Bortolotti

Put together 12 vacation rental industry experts, ask them to share their best information in a dozen outstanding presentations, and you have a package that might just catapult your business to the next level.

Since the Summit aired in June, I have already put many of the things I learned into practice with positive results and talked about some of them here on the podcast and on the rest of the website. I even wrote an eBook based on some of the content from my presentation. So I wanted to talk to World Summit founder and host Antonio Bortolotti and ask about its success and what he learned from it all. He shares many actionable tips from the presentations including:

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  • How he converts up to 80% enquiries into solid bookings with a unique email and a striking communication technique, and why the speed of reply can impact conversion rates.
  • Sandra Hamilton’s suggestions for using Pinterest to get ideas for interior décor as well as a simple tip for using a detail photo to enhance a listing.
  • Two great tips for taking photos from Tyann Marcink
  • Steve Sasman’s advice for getting to Page one on Google and how to see what the world sees (which is not the same as your personal Google view)
  • An ultra simple way of increasing conversions – this is the one Rex Brown has used to get from zero to fully booked in less than three months.
  • Why having your own website is a must and the way to use images to best effect. Antonio shares the new site he is working on for a client and showes the amazing use of video.
  • The 30-Day money back guarantee that makes buying this package a no-brainer

I loved this testimonial from Beth Carson of Vacation Rental Travel Magazine:

beth_carson“It’s not often that I give a raving endorsement.

‘Buy Now!‘ or ‘Limited Time!‘ are not my style.

There was a lot of build up to the Vacation Rental World Summit. I know Antonio Bortolotti, and know he does things well. However, I did not expect the level of new, innovative, fresh, impactful ideas. And I’m talking about just Antonio’s first presentation. I honestly sent an email to a colleague of mine with a link to Antonio’s presentation with the subject line: “MIND BLOWN”.

The rest of the seminar is fantastic, with owners and experts weighing in on décor, filling off-season weeks, getting to 80% occupancy, ranking on page 1 of Google, taking professional photos, and so much more.

So, it’s my highest recommendation that you buy now. In fact, I’m so sure that you’re going to make more than 10 times your money back – honestly, easily 30 times – if you implement these ideas, that Antonio will guarantee it with a 30 day money back guarantee.

It’s that good!”


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Andrea Borella

I’ve been folllowing Antonio’s Vacation Rental World Summit and I am actually the lucky owner of BangkokPlanet.com, the site mentioned in this podcast, which Antonio made hassle free upon my request for help! (The site is still in testing mode, but I think you agree with me it’s quite impressive, especially as he put it up at the speed of light!). Loved the interview, both Heather and Antonio, you are a pleasure to listen to. The tips I got from VRWS and Antonio’s help made my bookings boost up to 90% of occupancy per month and I couldn’t be happier, given the fact that I am fairly new to the arena and I’m quickly gaining a top position in my area. Thank you Heather for putting up such invaluable talks with all these awesome people I can learn a ton from! I love it!


    Truly amazing website, I love it!! Congrats Andrea to you and to the usual mastery of Antonio!!

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