VRS033 – Fiji Vacation Rental Owner and Writer – Beth Carson

One of the great benefits of creating this podcast is that I get to speak to so many experienced owners on so many different topics. I also get to hear about their fabulous locations and properties. My guest in this episode may be in one of the most coveted spots in the world with a vacation home in Fiji.

Writer, publisher, realty investor and former travel agent, Beth Carson, shares her story of how she designed and built Starfish Blue on Fiji’s Suncoast, and expands on her unique philosophy of hospitality that has helped create a hugely successful buisness on the other side of the world. She makes some great points about the importance of being a host from the beginning to end of the rental process and shares insights on managing a vacation rental from a distance.

tweetEditor of #VacationRental Travels Magazine @BethVRTMag talks with @cottageguru about her VR in Fiji and much more.

A regular speaker on vacation rentals at the International Living conferences, Beth talks about the what prospective new owners should consider before buying in a far-flung location, or even closer to home.

We also discuss Beth’s newest project, the online magazine, Vacation Rental Travels . The second edition has just been published and I highly recommend subscribing – it’s free!

Included in this episode:

  • Beth’s Secret Sauce for creating a successful VR business
  • How Starfish Blue maintains an 85% occupancy rate
  • The importance of knowing your booking windows and maximising their impact
  • Where to consider buying in the international market
  • Why you should ‘follow the backpackers’
  • Why you should buy in the off-season & other tips on international buying
  • The ‘lipstick deal’ and how that can make money
  • How to host a travel writer and be featured in Vacation Rental Travels
  • How to subscribe to the free Vacation Rental Travels magazine and enter a draw for a free stay at Beth’s Fiji home!

Sites mentioned

Starfish Blue on the Suncoast of Fiji

Vacation Rental Travels – free subscription

International Living

Money Making Vacation Rentals

Kathleen Cleary

Love Beth’s ‘Secret Sauce’ and her attitude about customer service…really helping to develop a relationship with prospective tenants from the beginning. Great show!

    Beth Carson

    Kathleen, Thank you so much! It works in any field. It’s a mindset of truly caring about other people’s experiences.

    Heather Bayer

    Thanks Kathleen – when something works this well, it makes it worthwhile getting that connection early.

Antonio Bortolotti

Great interview, Beth, I really enjoyed it! What is the list of countries to relocate to, that you mentioned reading in your favorite magazine, Beth? I did travel a bit like you (50+ countries up to date) and would like to know more about it, as my wife and I will be probably take a gap year soon to look for another place to start a new adventure 🙂

    Beth Carson

    Hi Praise- coming from you, Antonio! Many thanks!

    International Living is a wonderful magazine and their site is a great resource for people looking to build a life in a new country. http://www.InternationalLiving.com

    The list of countries is on their website- they come out with the best retirement havens every year- ranked on weather, health care, cost of living, infrastructure, etc.

    I’m hoping to take a gap year soon, but since we have 2 dogs, it’s had to be more of a gap winter.

    Heather Bayer

    I’m looking for that too Antonio – we’d originally decided on Great Exuma but may spread our net a little wider

Amy Blomquist

Thanks for a fantastic interview! I hope you have Beth on again as she is a wealth of knowledge and I got some new ideas for my VR! Beth, Vacation Rental Travels is coming to my ‘neck of the woods’!!! That’s a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t take advantage of that?? Thanks for the nuggets!

    Beth Carson

    Thanks, Amy! Glad to have you as a reader. I see you’re in CA. We’re hoping to do some VR articles there. Spread the word!

    Heather Bayer

    Your place would look great in VRT – the images show so well on your website.

Thibault Masson

Two great experts in 1 podcast episode, nice! I love getting advice from real people who actually own a place. Got to learn about International Living, interesting as well. And my villas in St. Barths and Bali got mentioned, I guess that Heather is sending me a clear signal. We can work something out 😉

    Beth Carson

    Thibault, thanks for the comment! I have a writer who’s ready to go to Bali… if you know of any lovely villas…

    Heather Bayer

    Thibault – a feature in Vacation Rental Travels on your Bali villa would be fabulous. Maybe I should come do one on St Barths 🙂

      Thibault Masson

      I’d be happy to pay back all the advice that I have got from you with a chance to host you here. You have my email address 😉

Andy McNulty

I cannot believe I missed this one! Very interesting podcast, I listened to every minute. Thanks Heather and Beth.

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