VRS026 – The Vacation Rental Makeover Edition with Jay William

I’ve been following Matt Landau’s makeover of Amy Firman’s website with huge interest, as he’s brought in a skilled copywriter to help with text, a professional photographer to take amazing images and Jay William from Villa Marketers to create a stunning website. So, I was delighted to welcome Jay to be my guest on this episode of Vacation Rental Success.

Not only is Jay a master at vacation rental makeovers, he’s going to hit our screens in the near future as the host of a new reality show being launched by a well known Hollywood production company – no names yet, but I think we’ll recognise them when it’s revealed.

I wanted to explore why so many VR owners could benefit from a makeover, and why it’s so important to have a really good website. Jay is passionate about this and he over-delivered in content in this episode right from the start, sharing what it takes to create a site that sells an experience, not the home. In explaining his 12-page website formula, Jay takes us step-by-step through the creation of a website that will make your visitors want to book immediately, and not move onto the competition.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why you must have a website to supplement your listing
  • Why we are not selling vacation homes…we are selling an experience
  • The magic of a website as a lead generation tool
  • The five second rule (it’s not about the toast we dropped on the kitchen floor)
  • The importance of an About Us page
  • How ‘Jay the Bald Guy’ was able to stand out from the competition
  • What to say to make the sale (and it’s nothing to do with your vacation home)
  • Ways to drive traffic to your competitors and how to stop them leaving
  • Why you must have a blog on your site & what to write about

And lots more……………………….(I did say this was a content-packed episode!)

The web sites and blog posts we talked about:

Top 12 Web Pages

Jay The Bald Guy

Villa Marketers

Vacation Rental Marketing Makeover (Matt Landau)

Las Vegas Villa Rental

Isabela Beachfront Penthouse

Another great podcast! I already see areas of our website where Jay’s guidance can help. Thanks for sharing so much good info.

Heather Bayer

Thanks Isabella – Jay is such a talented guy and I am hoping to use his expertise on mine as well

Marie-Louise D

Jay is staying in our condos on Anna Maria Island right now. He’s preparing for photo shoots and getting the jist of the place to make our new website. I’m so curious of how it will turn out!!

Heather Bayer

Exciting – let us know when the site is up so we can take a look. I am sure it will great.

Amy T. Firmani

It is quite lovely to be a part of this process and to learn “how to” in so many areas … I am a bit overwhelmed and addicted at the same time! The finish product should be up soon and it is truly amazing!

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