VRS025 – How to Use Hypnotic Language to Create Great Emails and Vacation Rental Listings

In the 1990’s, I spent three years studying hypnotism and hypnotherapy for my post graduate psychology diploma in pyschotherapy & counselling, and after being in private practice for several more years, moved into management training specialising in marketing and communication skills.   Woven through all my seminars, presentations and workshops was a focus on the power of language to create relationships with peers, clients and wider networks, and now I want to share how this works in the vacation rental business.

In this episode I talk about how you can use proven methods to create hypnotic listings, write emails that magically entrance your potential guests, and how you will just know whether it would be most effective to call, email or text your potential guests. I uncover the secrets to using language in a way that draws guests to look in depth at your listing and click over to your website.

I would like to ask you to suspend judgement, listen all the way through to the end to hear all the information I am sharing, and imagine what it would be like if all your listing or site visitors were so impressed they booked immediately.

Here is a great example of a listing that uses these techniques intuitively to create compelling text:

“… imagine yourself having lunch at our Villa Domingue. After 3 of you laughed a lot while cooking a scrumptious meal prepared with French food, you are now all sitting around the table. You hear everyone happily chat, but you can’t help gazing at the undisturbed view of the sea. Far away, you can see the island of St Martin. How relaxing. It’s been long since you had not shared such a simple, and yet memorable, moment with them all.”

How does this type of text work as an attraction marketing technique? I discuss this along with other tips to develop your skills at being a hypnotic linguist. You’ll learn:

  • How to identify your own language preference
  • The way words and phrases impact different people in different ways
  • Why this will make you a better communicator with everyone
  • How to create a compelling listing with three easy steps
  • To pinpoint the clues in an email that will help you reply with laser-like focus
  • When to make a telephone call, and when it’s better to email
  • The top tip for creating instant rapport that can turn a casual site visitor into a booker
  • How sending a pre-arrival gift can be a valuable marketing technique (This can create raving fans)

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I just listen to this podcast, a bit late, I know, and found ti very interesting. Having a great deal of courses, presentations, conferences, speeches given, I never looked into the science of it, but eventually applied some of what you mention in your podcast in a “natural” way.
I will combine this with Antonio’s HTML emails idea (The “Outstanding email sequence”) and see what comes from it.
Thanks for being a good companion during my daily drive to work!

Jorge Martelanz
Proud owner

Therese “Tess” Mickelsen

Wow Heather, how helpful this was! I have just found your site, and this was the first podcast I listened to. Very interesting information given here … I’m off to re-write my condo description now!

    Heather Bayer

    So glad you found it useful Tess. I’ve been using this technique for years and it really pays off.

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