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VRS020 – SEO for Your Vacation Rental Website with Steve Sasman

facebook_SEO_for_vacation_rental_websites_with_steve_sasmanThere is so much I have to learn about the vacation rental business and am always delighted to see someone new on the scene with valuable experience to share. Steve Sasman owns a successful rental property in Flagstaff, Arizona, and even though it is in an area dominated by larger resorts and established accommodation, he has quickly achieved significant occupancy.  He’s done this through his expertise in SEO and in-depth knowledge of how to integrate Google technology into an overall marketing strategy.


tweetI love listening to the #vacationrental success podcast from @cottageguru. @VROwnersGuide talks about VR website SEO

In this episode Steve talks about the techniques he’s used to get his cabin website onto Page 1 of Google for many of his keywords.  From naming photo files for better visibility on Google Images, to the correct length and speed of delivery for Youtube videos as well as harnessing the power of Google Plus, Steve over-delivers in content, and it was a lot of fun talking to him.

At the end of the episode Steve talks about a new project that offers a free video service to owners for creating a great About Us feature.  (This may not be free for long)

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Steves philosophy on being everywhere
  • Why you should use Google maps (and hover points if you don’t want a specific location)
  • What a presence on Google Plus can do for your visibility and traffic
  • Strategies for using social media
  • Why Steve uses one set of photos for websites and one for listings
  • The marketing tool that can get you on the front page of Google (most owners miss out on this one)
  • How to keep viewers watching your videos and not clicking away

Sites mentioned in this episode:

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Evelyn Gallardo’s Discovery Beach House YouTube Channel

Vacation Rental Owners Spotlight Videos

Vacation Rental Success with Evelyn Gallardo – VRS007

Steve Sasman on Google Plus

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