VRS011 – Words that Sell - Travel Copywriting with Erin Raub - Vacation Rental Formula

VRS011 – Words that Sell – Travel Copywriting with Erin Raub

I’ve been searching through online listings in the Bahamas recently because we are considering buying a property there and renting it out.  As part of the research I was looking at rental rates, occupancy levels and reviews, to see what works for owners, and what doesn’t.  This is totally unscientific and a statistician would no doubt slam my results as naïve, but it’s clear to me.  When a property has great photos, a beautiful description and a ton of 5 star reviews, it also appears to be booked solid.

This is not rocket science I hear you say and of course, these are the elements of a successful listing.  But still I see the majority of listings with poorly written headlines, a first paragraph telling me how many bedrooms and bathrooms the place has, and the first photo – the one that creates the thumbnail – the same as everyone else's.

Travel_Copywriter_Erin_Raub_sm So, when I came across Erin Raub’s site The Travel Copywriter, I was intrigued to find out what owners could do better to ‘sell’ their property.  How could they weave magic with their words to draw visitors into the listing, and get them to book – even in an area with a lot of competition? Erin shares what copywriters, and specifically travel copywriters, do to create that magic and tells us:

  • The key to creating a magnetic headline
  • Ways to stand out from the competition in a crowded market – think Disney fireworks!
  • How one small purchase and a little creativity  boosted interest and bookings for the owner of a beachfront Hawaii property
  • Why it’s important to create a persona  for your ideal rental guest
  • How to make your sale in the first paragrah of your listing
  • Her five tips for improving your listing today
  • The three social media sites that travellers go to, and where you should be too
  • Why using professional photography will make a difference

We also have a magnificent offer for commenters on this podcast episode! (See note below)

If you comment on this post within 10 days of publication, telling us what you enjoyed most about the podcast, and what changes you’ve made to your listing based on Erin’s tips, your name will go into a draw for a great prize. Erin will review one of your listings and will write an alternative – including a headline.  This is golden!  A top copywriter would normally charge hundreds of dollars for this service and Erin is offering it this one time to our podcast listeners.  Don’t forget, we need to know what you liked most and what you’d like to change.

This competition is now closed and we would like to announce that Debi H has won the listing makeover from Erin. We will be sure to do a before and after blog post for our listeners to highlight the changes and we will keep in touch with Debi to see what the results are.

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