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VRS010 – Plain Sailing to Success with Google+ Featuring Alan Egan

alan_eganThere were two things I found about today’s guest that I didn’t know, and found fascinating.  The first is that he founded a vacation rental listing site in Portugal in 2004, and the second, that he has been a full-time sailor for many years and spent two years cruising in the Caribbean, which is doubly interesting since that is where I am writing this post from.

This interview is primarily about Alan Egan’s foray into Google Plus but we also talk about the earlier years of Rent More Weeks and the evolution of it from being focused on vacation rental photography to a site that is more geared to social media marketing.

Alan has been immersed in Google Plus for the last four months, learning how to use the platform wisely and with great results.  He is a great advocate for ‘getting social’ and in the latter part of the interview he talks about an exciting new project that will move owners to a new level in local marketing.

Alan’s five tips for getting going in Google Plus will get you off to a flying start – he shares:

  1. The browser you should be using
  2. Which photos you should use on your profile
  3. What is best to start with – a personal or business page
  4. How to create a magnetic bio
  5. The best ways to comment and share and be social

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