VRS269 – Getting Personal with Automation Part 2 with Brad Martineau

The customer experience applies across every transaction we have, and a poorly executed experience can result in an unhappy client or even a lost one. Fortunately, we have the power to develop, control and play out the best experiences ever for our customers.   We just need to know how. Brad Martineau of Sixth Division lives, eats and breathes creating seamless processes so we can take a lead from enquiry through to sale and beyond without ever losing one down the cracks.

Brad joined me in an earlier episode to take a strategic look at the customer experience and to define the steps we need to take to develop automations for our business.

From that more macro-level, this time, Brad delves deeper into these processes and shows us how to identify the smaller actions that ensure the best guest/owner experience.

My business partner, Jason Beaton also joins in as he has been working with our property management company to help us design the best automation sequence in our owner acquisition process. Jason’s expertise and Sixth Division's process management system have created a step-by-step operation that will improve the experience our potential owners receive; ensure we keep them engaged, and increase our conversion rate in the easiest possible way.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The important difference between automation and automatic systems
  • How to design a human task so it’s automated
  • Why you need to define the most important experiences and work on those first
  • How to set up checkpoints on the way to meeting goals
  • How automated processes can keep you accountable
  • Our journey to creating a better experience for our guests and owners


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