Vacation Rental World Summit 2014 Show Notes

Welcome to the show notes for my presentation from the Vacation Rental World Summit 2014 and I just want to thank you for not only taking the time to watch my presentation but also taking the time to come over here to view the show notes and the rest of

If you have found this page and have not yet seen the video presentation. You can head over to the Vacation Rental World summit NOW and purchase this amazing video package.


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Next I would like to set you up with the powerpoint handout for the presentation. This a great tool for you to go back and re watch the video and be able to take notes and jot down ideas for your vacation rental business. Click on the .pdf icon below to download the handout.


I used many links through the broadcast and I have listed them below and the timestamp that they are mentioned:

(0.20)  Vacation Rental Success Podcast
(9.05)  Discover Eleuthera
(11.40) Cottage Rental Agency – Seaside Florida
(13.00) Discovery Dream House
(14.08) Where Waterfalls Google+ Page
(19:32) HomeAway
(19:33) Tripadvisor
(19:34) Flipkey
(19:54) Paypal
(20:24) Docusign
(21:14) Mailchimp
(30:23) Shutter Fly
(32:22) Osprey Cottage Flipkey Reviews

Lastly, as promised, I would like to allow you to reserve your copy of my new book ‘Hypnotic Language for Vacation Rental Emails and Listings'. This book will be published and sent directly to you if you have registered and pre-paid for your copy using your discount code mentioned at the end of the presentation video. The book will be available before the end of June 2014.



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The coupon code you gave in the presentation returns “This discount is invalid”

Heather Bayer

So sorry Jorge – The coupon code on the slide is incorrect. We noticed too late to change it. I say the correct code. It is just a minor difference than what is written down.


No problem! I see the mistake and got the download. Thanks.
Jorge Martelanz
Proud Owner


Loved the presentation and all the tips — you rock, Heather!! Thanks for sharing all of this valuable information.

Casa Paloma, San Diego

Heather Bayer

I am so glad you liked it Paula. I hope we get to meet in San Diego in October

Amy Blomquist

Wow, thanks for mentioning my G+ page! It’s funny because I never heard of Alan until I listened to your podcast interviewing him! I then quickly signed up for his excellent course and now the rest in history 😉 LOVED the photo book idea! Looking forward to reading upcoming book!

    Heather Bayer

    I didn’t know you’d found Alan via my podcast – that is so cool. I love to connect people and when it works out so well as it did with you it makes it so worthwhile. You’ve taken everything he had to share and applied it so well. I love the way you are using Google Plus to market your place, which is beautiful by the way.

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