Vacation Rental Staging – Bathrooms

staging_bathroom Getting great photos of your bathroom can be challenging and many people don’t include them in a listing. In fact, an owner mentioned to me recently that since the room is not in constant use like the living areas, it doesn’t need the same time spent on it as say, staging the bedrooms.


We talk about the importance of first impressions and how a poor one can override much of the effort made in creating a good looking space. This means giving equal attention to areas that may not be used as much or where we perceive guests won’t be as picky. In fact, the look of a bathroom in a listing can be a deal-breaking factor in areas where the choice of accommodation is wide.

Since people looking at your listing are only seeing the images – they don’t usually get to see it in person as they would in a For Sale home – the pictures need to tell the story of the cleanliness, sparkle and fresh smell they will find when they get there.

For some bathrooms, getting it right may mean some renovations and refurbishment, but those changes could result in more interest and consequently, higher occupancy.

Here’s some décor and staging tips:

· 1970s green and yellow marbled splashbacks are so dated and could be replaced fairly inexpensively with a pedestal basin. Install some shelves above. This creates a more spacious look in a smaller bathroom.

· Remove any bathroom carpeting and replace with tile, or the new-style vinyl tile that is warmer underfoot but has the look of traditional tile flooring – they can even be grouted.

· Replace old shower rods with a curved model and hang a new curtain.

· Re-caulk bathtubs

· Replace old and lime stained bathroom fittings – get a new showerhead and basin taps

· Install a large mirror above the sink

· Avoid taking photos that include the toilet but if you cannot avoid it, make sure the seat is down.

· Remove all personal items such as toothbrushes in a mug which is a big turn-off to potential guests.

· Create a spa look with rolled towels on a bamboo rack, or fold them with a bath towel + hand towel lightly tied with a ribbon

· Don’t overdo the accents – keep it simple with a bowl of shells and a vase of silk flowers or a hanging green plant to provide some colour

· Experiment with angles to take photos. Bathroom pictures can be a case of ‘less is more’ with focus on a smaller area, such as the towel rack mentioned above.

· Taking a shot with a mirror in view can work well – just make sure it isn’t you in the mirrored image!

Have fun with this and take your time. It will be well worth your while.