The 7 Best Vacation Rental Success Podcast Episodes

If you’ve just found the Vacation Rental Success podcast and wonder which of our back-catalog you should start with, we’ve made it easier for you by picking out the most popular. From interviews with industry leaders, investors and Netflix stars to solo dialogues about my own experiences in a property management company, this selection will give you a good idea of what the podcast is about.


VRS280 The First 10 Minutes

The First 10 Minutes – How to Delight or Dismay Your Vacation Rental Guests

First impressions have lasting effects.

We are wired in a way that allows us to more easily recall the first and last impression of an experience than anything that happens in between. Think about the last time you flew to a vacation destination and got delayed. If it was stressful, annoying, and was dealt with badly, you are more likely to remember that than the great time you had when you finally arrived. So it is with your rental guests. And it is often the first 10 minutes they spend at your place that can have a longer-lasting impact than the rest of their stay.

This episode explores what you can do to make sure those first minutes contribute to guests’ enjoyment of their stay.


VRS272 Investing in Short-Term Rentals

Investing in Short-Term Rental Property with Erica Muller of Vrolio

Getting into this business means finding the right property in the right location at the right price. Understanding how to find a profitable location that delivers high occupancy levels is key to a successful investment. The founder of Vroilo, Erica Muller talks about the world of short-term rental investment from the perspective of an experienced realtor who is also an investor.





VRS273 Five Mistakes VRBOs Often Make

5 Mistakes That VRBO’s Often Make (2019)

I first wrote a blog post on this topic around 10 years ago and revised it in the light of recent changes in the industry. Even the most professional of short term rental owners can fall foul of some of these so it’s worth a listen just to remind you to pay attention to detail and not become complacent. The first one – Putting all your eggs in one basket – is a reminder that in this era of Book Direct, we have to spread the word wider than on just one platform.


VRS267 The Business of Short-Term Rentals with Peter Lorimer

If you are a fan of makeover shows, you’ve probably already checked out Stay Here on Netflix, where Genevieve Gorder and Peter Lorimer help property owners turn their short-term rentals into successful businesses. If not, binge-watching is a pre-requisite for listening to this episode!

Host of Stay Here, Peter Lorimer joins me to talk about his experience as a property manager and realtor in LA, and how he came to work on the Netflix show. He’s a fellow Brit and great fun, as well as having some solid advice for owners.



VRS261 The Future for Start-Up Property Managers

The Future for Start-up Vacation Rental Property Managers With Simon Lehmann

Simon Lehmann has comprehensive experience in the global vacation rental and alternative lodging industries. In this episode, he shares his thoughts on the spectacular growth record of our business and reflects on the nature of property management. With over 1.4 million properties available for rental, 600,000 of them are professionally managed, and while consolidators such as Vacasa and Turnkey are in the business of buying up PM companies, for each one they acquire, many more are launched.

We discuss how property managers can survive in a rapidly changing and complex world, why it’s important to build a brand around a business and the difficulty of imposing standards on the industry.


VRS209 20 Ways to Guest-Proof Your Vacation Rental

20 Ways to Guest Proof your Vacation Rental

When guests are in an unfamiliar space, accidents can occur. They get up in the middle of the night, forget where they are and trip over something, or they mistakenly put a hot pan on a laminate countertop because they are used to granite at home.

In this episode, I explore twenty ways of making small changes and additions that will work to prevent accidents from happening. After all, whatever you can do to prevent issues from arising will be a benefit to you and your guests.




VRS250 7 Lessons Learned from a Hot Summer of Rentals

7 Lessons Learned From a Hot and Steamy Summer of Vacation Rentals

Each year I share what the summer has brought to our property management company. While we’ve been in business for 16 years, the 10 weeks of high season always brings us something new. From dealing with chemical sensitivities to the power of words in a listing to fire up an argument, a long summer delivers its fair share of learning points.