Save Time & Create Confidence with a Vacation Rental FAQ Page

faq_lg This week has been busy with the topic of vacation rentals when an article in the New York Times tweeted & retrweeted, reposted on Facebook and the subject of much forum discussion. “Questions to Ask About a Vacation Rental” was a response to a couple of earlier NY Times articles, one that discussed how vacation rentals are a great alternative to hotels – something we all know; the other was a frank account from The Frugal Traveler about falling for a vacation rental scam.

Yesterday’s article offered a list of suggested questions prospective renters should ask before committing to a rental. These range from asking about how the owner defines ‘child friendly’ or ‘pets welcome’, to questions on facilities and features in the home.

These are all great questions and as owners we are used to dealing with a wide range of them so there is probably nothing new here. However, given the viral nature of some of these articles, we should all expect to get more searching enquiries from our potential guests, which is bound to become overly time consuming.

If you haven’t already done so, consider creating a Frequently Asked Questions document you can send out in response to all those enquiries. Download the FAQ Primer which suggests how you can create a good Frequently Asked Questions document. Let me know what you think. What others would you add?

lizzie Marshall

Very helpful list for both owners and guests. I have added
Check in/out time, Security Bond return procedure, key return,

Cairns Holiday Homes Australia.

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