VRS466 - Branding Your Vacation Rental Business Brilliantly with Jason Byer of Crowdspring?

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Do you have a brand for your Short-Term Rental business?  Not just a logo or consistent site colors and fonts, but a real brand that you are becoming known by?  What is a Vacation Rental brand anyway?

By definition, a brand is a product, service, or concept that is publicly distinguished from other products, services, or concepts so that it can be easily communicated and usually marketed. In our industry, this means standing out from the competition by the things you do, the properties you offer for rental, and the way you run your business.

In this episode Jason Byer of Crowdspring, takes us through the elements of successful branding, sharing some of the mistakes small businesses often make.

Jason talks about:

  • The definition of a ‘brand’
  • How brand identity differ from a brand
  • The foundations of a successful brand
  • Why images  on a site are so important
  • The elements of a thorough  brand review
  • The 7 branding mistakes small businesses often make
  • Niche branding

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