VRS465 - What I learned from the Book Direct Geniuses in Miami?

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The Book Direct Show was held in Miami 18th and 19th of October 2023, and I was there, along with VR Consultant Jodi Bourne, to give a presentation on the power of a lead magnet, which was a fun workshop to deliver.

There was a lot to unpack from the show that had a single stream. So, although there wasn’t a massive amount of content, the presentations were all of a very high quality with a few excellent panel discussions.

There was dancing and music and donuts; food trucks, cocktails, and great swag, and the best in company.  There was also talk of data….a lot of data…and the realization that getting to grips with it is essential to any success.

We also learned about inclusiveness and advocacy, and had a new word for the vocabulary – anagnorisis - with Touch Stay’s Tyann Marcink getting the audience to chant the word to ensure good pronunciation.  Anagnorisis incidentally, describes that moment when ignorance changes to knowledge…like the time I first figured out what OTA stood for!

Being a smaller show, the networking was not as intense and limited as the VRMA conference (which has become a behemoth of events), and it was in a funky warehouse location, so there was a great vibe.

In this episode I share my takeaways from the Show, from how branding is so much more than a font or a logo, to the great quote from Dave Kraus of Rent Responsibly…

“Sitting on the sidelines is co-signing the death certificate of your business”.

In between, Evan Dolgow from Jarvis gave a riveting presentation on data. Yes, I was totally absorbed in what he was sharing, and will hopefully have him on the show soon.

One quote that stayed with me was:

“Vacation rental managers don’t realize how much gold exists in the data they already have.”

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