VRS463 - Building an Email List Pt 3 – Putting It All Together with Jodi Bourne

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In Part 3 of our Building an Email List series, vacation rental digital marketing expert, Jodi Bourne, talks about the next steps after creating your lead nurture and site content. 

She draws back the curtain on the technical aspects of getting your valuable content into the hands of your audience and then nurturing them through an automated email sequence. Using practical examples and a deep knowledge of the components of successful email marketing campaigns, she makes a complex topic simpler to understand.

These steps can be used to build a guest list from scratch, to follow up with past guests, and to attract new owners to a property management company.

In this episode Jodi shares:

  • The steps from content creation to delivering the offer
  • The difference between a landing page and a delivery page and ways to create both
  • How CRM platforms such as Mailchimp and ConvertKit can help automate the process
  • Where to save your lead magnets so they are easily accessible
  • Why you should ask a question in a follow-up email
  • Ways to use subject lines creatively
  • How tagging and segmenting means your message gets out to just the right people
  • How and why you should use a link
  • Why you should use the Instagram landing page to drive IG users to your site

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Keap (formerly Infusion Soft)



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