VRS462 - Are you wired to create experiences for your guests?

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Are you wired to create remarkable experiences for your guests?

If so, you may be a Destinationaire, according to Wil Slickers, the founder of Hospitality FM, a network of podcasts focused on the hospitality industry.

The Destinationaire awards were launched to highlight those in our business who are ‘wired to create remarkable experiences' and Wil explains the qualities this embodies.

He talks about past award winners including Bob Garner from Casal Dei Fiechi in Italy and Robin Craigen of Moving Mountains in Colorado, both of whom are passionate about their businesses and the impact they have on the communities surrounding them.

The 2022 Destinationaire Awards will be presented at the Book Direct Show in Miami on October 18th and 19th.

Wil shares

  • How the Hospitality Podcast Network came about
  • What it means to be a Destinationaire
  • His philosophy of hospitality as an innate quality
  • The standards Destinationaire’s must uphold and maintain
  • What Bob Garner and Robin Craigen can teach us about the importance of community involvement
  • How to get involved and nominate


Book Direct Show

Hospitality Podcast Network

Casal Dei Fichi

Moving Mountains

Barefoot Vacation Rentals

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