VRS453 – How to use voice technology in your short-term rental with Dana Young

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Alexa - How Does the Hot Tub Work?

Imagine arriving at your vacation rental, and with nothing more than your voice; checking-in, finding out how the hot tub jets work, finding a local Mexican restaurant for dinner, raising or lowering the temperature, and asking where the spare pillows are kept.

These are just a few of the massive list of inquiries that can be answered through Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality.  Using this in conjunction with an Alexa screen device and the Virtual Concierge Service, the opportunity to increase guest satisfaction is significant.

In this episode, Dana Wolfe of Aipex Technologies shares his passion for voice technology and how it can be used effectively to give you a competitive edge in your rental market.

Dana was last featured on the podcast in December 2018, just after Virtual Concierge Service took away the award for Innovator of the Year at the VRMA conference in Las Vegas. He brings us up-to-date on how the technology has changed over the past few years and the benefits of using it in our STR homes.

Dana talks about

  • How is voice technology being implemented currently across the short-term rental space?
  • The options in VT for independent owners and small property managers
  • The features and benefits of turning Amazon Echo into a custom guest portal
  • The WHY of using this technology
  • Making connections with guests that override the OTA communication portals
  • Using the technology for notifications of upcoming events
  • Why you need to use Alexa over Google Home
  • How curated content can be uploaded
  • Virtual Concierge Service and Aipex Technologies


Aipex Technologies


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