VRS451 - Building an Email List Pt 1 - Creating Lead Magnets - with Jodi Bourne

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If you want to grow a short-term rental business that doesn’t put all your eggs in the OTA basket, you will need to build an email list, and that doesn’t come easily these days.

Fewer people are willing to give up their email address unless it’s absolutely necessary.  No one wants more junk filling an inbox, but there are still ways of encouraging them to do it.

In this first part of a 3-episode series on Growing Your Email List, Jodi Bourne shares ideas and recommendations on creating the type of lead magnets that people will want to download.

Jodi shares:

  • The importance of a solid email list
  • What you need to do to collect more email addresses
  • Why she believes lead magnets are not dead
  • Types of material that attract interest
  • How to create an attractive download
  • Ways of driving traffic to your website via a lead magnet

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