VRS444 - Getting Your People Ready for the Season - Building Resilience in Your Team with Ali Cammelletti

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With a busy summer season approaching, getting the business ready for anything that comes our way is important; perhaps even more important is helping our people with the competencies they need to handle the issues, emotions, and angst that are likely to confront them.

Dealing with conflict, emotional issues, and generally difficult people, need skills that are not necessarily innate.   While we can look for them during the hiring process, ‘experience in customer service’ might be all we can ask for in times when the labour pool is low, and seasonal staff are in short supply.

It’s important to anticipate what might occur during a season, and equally so to help staff manage their own mental state on a consistent basis.

I make no apologies for likening the experience I’ve had with a rescue dog that came to us with a full bucket of cortisol (the stress hormone) on board, to staff that may be maintaining their own high levels of stress.  The decompression, time out, and rest periods she needs have taught me a lot about making sure our staff have adequate stress relief mechanisms available to them.

Ali Cammelletti joins me to talk about how leaders, managers, supervisors etc can support their staff before, during, and after these busy times and shares:

  • The importance of self-care & resilience
  • What resilience means
  • The steps to handling someone else’s emotion
  • How to deal with anger over the phone
  • Why listening quietly can defuse a situation
  • What to say to bring someone off the ledge
  • Why giving time off can bring more productivity
  • Why we should encourage team members to focus on gratitude every day

Ali Cammelletti of Spark Your Mindset (previously Cammelletti Consulting) brings over 30 years of experience in the Hospitality Industry, focusing on leadership and sales. Ali helps leaders build resiliency and improve performance by bringing awareness to opportunity behaviors and sparking mindsets. This is done through team building, customer service, and sales education, as well as one-on-one leadership coaching.

Check out the Snack Leadership Podcast, where she shares bite-size pieces of leadership techniques and skills.

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