VRS443 - Getting Ready For The Best Vacation Rental Season Ever - 7 Essential Checks

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Summer is nearly here…and for many owners and property managers, high season planning is kicking in.  Linens are being checked, seasonal staff are in the induction phase, and fingers are crossed for a problem-free season (as if that's likely!).

Operators who have been in business for any length of time know there is so much more to an easy season than filling up the weeks.  Every aspect of the operation needs to run smoothly with everyone knowing their role and how to manage a wealth of different situations as they arise.

Good preparation is the key to it all, and that preparation encompasses every aspect of the business.

From ensuring auto-messaging sequences are in place, to checking every listing for accuracy, completeness, and currency; getting staff in place with scheduling allowing for absences and the unforeseen, to reiterating the emergency plan.

All these spring checks and more are shared in this episode, which include:

  • The 6 core auto-messages you need to set up prior to the season
  • Why every message should link back to a digital guide
  • How a change in bed configuration ruined a 7 year-old’s vacation
  • Ensuring staff backups are in place
  • Why the COVID plan should be ready to reinstate
  • How to avoid access issues
  • The importance of a waiting list

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