VRS442 - Get Out of My Head by Andrew McConnell - A Book Review

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Andrew McConnell has become a regular guest on the podcast, joining Heather twice a year to deliver his reflections and analysis of the industry.

With degrees from Harvard University, the University of Cambridge, and Harvard Law School, experience as a management consultant for McKinsey, and founder of Vacation Futures and, Andrew is known for sharing his breadth of knowledge and industry expertise.

As a writer and contributor for Forbes, Skift, and Huffington Post, he is no stranger to the publishing world, and now his first book Get Out Of My Head will be released in early June.

With the subtitle – Creating Modern Clarity with Stoic Wisdom – this is a book that many of us need to read…and you don’t need to be conversant with stoicism to do so. Andrew talks us through the concept of mind ‘rentership’ – that state where we lend our minds to things that don’t serve us well – and explains ways of taking back ownership.

The book draws on stoic principles and uses a wealth of stories, from within our industry, and outside of it, to demonstrate that we can reclaim mastery of our minds.

There are three parts to the book, as explained in the introduction, and these, together with worksheets and checklists, can help you to effect massive change in the way you operate your life.

Part I, “Mind Renting and Other People”, is about how to stop renting from others what you already own.

Part II, “Mind Renting and Circumstances and Events”, takes this a step further, recognizing that it isn’t always people who are the problem.

Part III, “Mind Renting and Ourselves”, wraps up by tackling the most pernicious, and the most difficult to overcome of the three groups from which we’re renting headspace; different versions of ourselves.

You need to read this book. It will be on my side table as soon as it’s published.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What mind-renting actually means
  • What happens if you don’t know your own value (you leave money on the table)
  • Why living in the present makes so much sense
  • How to know when it’s time to quit the day job and work on this business full-time
  • How to lower the bar and avoid the perfection trap….’to perfect’ is a verb
  • Why the Bridging the Gap exercise can be helpful when you are stuck
  • How Dave the Handyman created an AHA moment we can all relate to

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