VRS440 - The Short-Term Rental Marketing Mix with Jodi Bourne

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The days of marketing a property with a sign on the front lawn and an ad in the Classifieds were much simpler.  But they are long gone, and the task of marketing now requires extensive planning, creativity, and a lot of effort.  It’s also costlier.

Jodi Bourne joins Heather in this episode to discuss the plethora of marketing options we have at our disposal today to attract our target demographic.  From Instagram reels to TikTok, Facebook groups to rack cards, podcasts to AI writing tools, they cover a range of ideas and evaluate what is working and what might not.

Heather & Jodi talk about:

  • Common issues owners and managers have with marketing strategies
  • The importance of defining an avatar
  • Dealing with an overwhelming amount of marketing options
  • What ‘content’ is and how it can be repurposed
  • Editorial calendars and how to set one up
  • Repurposing content
  • Marketing offline and why you still need printed material
  • AI tools and using Creator Studio

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