VRS439 - Getting Smart With Short-Term Rental Technology with Jim Netska of PointCentral

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In the past few years, we’ve seen myriad applications for in-house tech, including Google Home & Alexa, remote hot tub monitoring, window sensors for AC, smart door locks, and automated lighting to name a few and it’s clear smart home technology is a must for every short-term rental owner.

Statistics show that guests may now be making their vacation rental choice with technology as a primary criterion and we cannot afford to ignore these figures.

In a recent National Car Survey the results showed “Millennials (46 percent) are significantly more likely than Gen Xers (37 percent) and Baby Boomers (35 percent) to say they always choose travel brands based on the technology they offer.

Jim Netska, Director of Sales at PointCentral, shares some of the must-have smart home applications and explains the importance of getting on board to attract new guests.

He shares:

  • How home automation has changed over the past few years and what impact it is having on the vacation rental market
  • What home operations smart home technology can cover
  • What should be in your perfect home tech stack
  • The benefits of smart home technology for STR operators
  • How to reach target markets with information on the tech that’s available
  • What’s next in tech advances for the VR industry

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Attract  Millennials with Smart Short Term Rentals

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