VRS438 - Growing a Vacation Rental Alliance with Denis Hanks

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We know there is value in a common voice and in these days of continued regulatory challenges to our industry, it has never been more important.  When you have 1300 members representing over 80K units, that common voice is understandably powerful.

The Florida Vacation Rental Management Association (FVRMA) was founded over 27 years ago as a non-profit association by a group of vacation rental managers and vendors.  Recently rebranded as the Florida Alliance for Vacation Rentals (FAVR), there are 8 chapters across the State representing 26% of the entire US market.

Executive Director of FAVR, Denis Hanks, explains the challenges involved in building such a huge network and addresses particular issues such as including independent hosts within the organization, why education is such an important element, and the fight against unfair regulations.

He shares:

  • His background in vacation rentals and why this role is the most important
  • The story behind the launch of FVRMA
  • How the organization's goals went from reactionary to developing an awareness component
  • How FVRMA beat sprinkler mandates and other regulations designed to stifle growth
  • The importance of mentoring and educating smaller managers and hosts
  • How professional standards have developed to beat the ‘Wild West’ sector of hospitality
  • What the Xtravaganza Conference is, and why you should attend

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Florida Alliance of Vacation Rentals

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