VRS436 - Property Manager Spotlight – Brittany Blackman of Breathe Easy Rentals – One Year On

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Starting a property management company in the middle of a pandemic takes courage, passion, and a clear vision of the future. Brittany Blackman has all that and more. A year on from her first interview, where she shared the challenges of launching a business in a competitive market, she talks about networking, creating trust with new owners, growth, and the importance of hiring someone to hold her accountable.

Brittany shares:

  • The key milestones she has achieved in the past year
  • What to look for in a first hire
  • The importance of finding the yin for your yang when hiring your first person
  • Why standardizing everything helps chaos control
  • Her tech stack and why it works for her business
  • How networking and sponsoring events help to build a brand in the community
  • The 3 most important things a new property manager needs to do for success.



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