VRS430 - Pura Vida: The OSA Property Management Story

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Starting a property management company in your own home town is going to be challenging, but when you battle red tape and bureaucracy in another country, it’s another story.

Nick Halverson is a property developer and entrepreneur, who has been immersed in Costa Rican culture for nearly 15 years.  Yet, even with his own home in the popular expat region of southern Costa Rica, and a bevy of other owners who wanted him to manage their places, he wasn’t able to create the business he wanted until 2018.

It was a chance meeting at the offices of the local water company that kicked it all off.

In trying to get a point across, Nick struggled to find a Spanish word.

He can’t recall the word, but does remember the assistant who was taking notes, jumping in with the perfect translation.

And that was the start of a business relationship that has propelled Abigail Vargas from her administrative job with the water company, to her current position of general manager at OSA Property Management.

In this episode Nick and Abigail share their stories of a business start-up and a trust-infused relationship that is powering the company to one of the best in Costa Rica.

You’ll hear:

  • Why you’ll hear ‘Pura Vida’ everywhere you go
  • Nick’s story behind starting a business in Costa Rica
  • What OSA brings to owners in the area in terms of a competitive edge
  • The skills Nick was looking for in a general manager
  • How he went about finding the right person
  • What attracted Abigail to working for OSA
  • What her typical day looks like
  • The biggest challenges in managing 25 staff
  • What the future looks like for OSA Property Management?

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