VRS424 – The Best Productivity Hacks for a Busy STR Professional with Dana Lubner

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Are you one who uses the passage of the old year into the new one as an opportunity to make some changes?

If so, better efficiency and productivity is likely to be on your list of improvements.

Dana Lubner – Head of Leadership Development at Rent Responsibly – shares her top ten list of productivity hacks that will kick-start your goals and plans for 2022.

From meditating in the morning for at least 10 minutes, to using free apps for your devices, along with some simple techniques to make your day more efficient, Dana brings her most impactful techniques that could change your routine for the better.

Dana is an Apple product user and uses a Mac computer and iPhone with Chrome as her primary browser. As a heads-up, some of her more technical hacks and shortcuts are related to these specific products.

  • Apple
  • Chrome
  • Google/Gmail

These include:

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