VRS421 – Insights from the 2021 Hostfully Hospitality Survey

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The 2021 Report of Hospitality Trends in the Vacation Rental Industry was released recently by Hostfully, and in this episode David Jacoby, of Hostfully, summarizes the report and offers additional insights into what the results indicate for the future.

The results show successes, failures, challenges, and the ways owners and managers are stepping up to meet the demands of new markets.  From handling more competition, to implementing a range of growth strategies and tackling rising expectations, there is a general trend towards optimism and positive outcomes in 2022.

In this episode David shares:

  • The background to the Hospitality Trends Survey
  • Why we should be taking notice of the results
  • How the nature of competition has changed and is impacting hosts and managers
  • The types of growth strategies managers are implementing
  • The biggest challenges facing STR operators in today’s market
  • What’s in the tech stack and how owners and PMs differ when it comes to software acquisition and implementation.
  • The most popular tools for improving the guest experience
  • How trends towards direct booking are changing.

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2021 Report of Hospitality Trends in the Vacation Rental Industry

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