VRS407 - 5 Great Reasons to Use Social Media in Your Short-Term Rental Marketing with Jodi Bourne

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Is time spent on social media worth it?  How can you tell if it is bringing more inquiries and conversions?  Which platforms are best for which purposes?  Should I be using TikTok or Youtube?  All these questions and more are answered in today’s episode with vacation rental marketing strategist, Jodi Bourne.

Jodi shares the five reasons we should be using social media platforms and delves a little deeper into each one, showing us how impactful they can be if used wisely.

She talks about:

  • Why we need to give people the FOMO experience
  • The importance of inspiring and educating
  • The five reasons for using social media to promote our vacation rentals
  • Which social media platform to get to grips with first
  • Four activities to get you off to the best start on Facebook
  • The search engine that will drive more traffic than any other –’s a social media platform
  • Ways to use Reels on Instagram
  • Video editing platforms
  • The power of Facebook groups

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