VRS406 – Renting More Weeks with Alan Egan

For many years you’ve been led to believe in the power of social media to boost your marketing efforts.  However, if that means losing sight of the importance of your own website as a content marketing and conversion machine, it’s time wasted.  And…it can lead to so much overwhelm, you don’t actually get anywhere.  In this episode the founder of Rent More Weeks, Alan Egan, explains why a simple but impactful website can cut down the waste in time and effort that your form of digital Poohsticks can create.

Alan Egan has been prominent in the vacation rental world for the last twelve years.  A former property manager, well respected VR photographer, WordPress expert, and all-round nice person, Alan has a lot of knowledge about marketing that he freely shares.

Many owners and managers have taken advantage of Alan’s web building expertise to showcase their properties, while providing the content potential guests are looking for.  

Here, he talks about why we should spend less time with a scattergun approach on social media platforms and much more on growing a business in a strategic way.

Alan talks about:

  • Why social media doesn’t work as a path to direct bookings
  • The three essential tasks to get more bookings
  • Why your website should be the center of your universe
  • How taking a strategic approach to content achieves greater results
  • Five improvements an owner or manager can make today
  • The one SM platform that is worth your time
  • The new Rent More Weeks and what you can expect

Links to sites mentioned in this episode:

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Mail Chimp
Rent More Weeks
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