VRS401 - Tuning in to the STR guest experience with Tyann Marcink & Andy McNulty

There are dozens of podcasts out there talking to owners and managers and offering advice on how to create a great experience for your guests, but few that focus on the guests themselves.  The Guest Cast – a new show by Touch Stay – does just that.  Hosts, Andy McNulty and Tyann Marcink, talk to people who have great stories about their travels, and how their interactions with hospitality providers has made a difference, not just to their vacation, but their whole life.

In this episode, Andy & Tyann reflect on some of the stories told by their guests and the learning we can get from them.

You’ll hear about:

  • How the idea of The Guest Cast Podcast came about
  • Their guest selection criteria
  • Southern European hospitality and its impact on an SEO guru
  • An elevated experience anyone can provide – with no price tag
  • The value of over-communication or, when less is not more
  • When an experienced property manager is charged a fee for Netflix access
  • The five love languages and how they play into every hospitality experience
  • Heather’s ‘they were going to murder us in the line shack’ story (or at least a teaser)

Links mentioned in this episode:

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