VRS388 – How to Wow Your Short-Term Rental Guests in 2021

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It used to be easy to wow a guest. Make sure the place gave a great first impression, was clean and well-equipped, and was exactly as described in a listing. They would be happy.

Now, after a year of lockdowns, restrictions, and disappointments, travelers have grasped at whatever they can get, often paying a premium for it.

While we’d expect they are happy at snagging a vacation rental for their week away, we may find they encounter buyer’s remorse when they arrive to find they’ve settled for something that doesn’t tick every box, yet have paid a lot more than they planned.

And we’ll hear about it unless we step up and stamp out every glowing ember of dissatisfaction before they are fanned by a breeze of discontent when one minor thing leads to another.

Before you know it, there’s a full-blown wildfire of complaint

As owners and managers, we have to be several steps ahead of the guest. We have to imagine a day in the life of their vacation, and make sure every aspect of it is anticipated and planned for.

Getting the ‘wow’ is so much more than a towel in the shape of an elephant or a bowl with a few bags of chips, and a couple of bottles of water in the fridge.

There is no room for anything half-hearted.

Some of this is the same as we’ve always done when we’ve done it well.

  • Providing plenty of useful information and drip-feed it, leading up to their stay.
  • Asking them questions about what they like to do and sending information on new places to eat, or visit, and helping to plan trips.

It’s now about being attuned to what your guests are wanting and upping your game to meet their needs proactively.

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • The one thing you can never compromise on
  • Why you should cater to every type of sleeper
  • The small appliances that are bound to please
  • The absolute necessity beside a bed
  • Getting Wi-Fi to every corner of a property
  • The essentials for WAH and homeschooling guests
  • How you can make a day out, or a trip to the beach, completely stress-free
  • Why providing a few more rolls of toilet paper can make a huge difference to the guest experience

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