VRS379 – Boosting Short-Term Rental Income with Add-Ons – Upselling with Tyann Marcink

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For most people involved in short-term rentals, there is a finite value on a property.

Once it has been rented, regardless of revenue management techniques, there’s nothing to add to the bottom line.

More experienced operators have a different perspective and maximize every opportunity to upsell or cross-sell – that is to increase the average sales value per customer.

Tyann Marcink from Branson Family Retreats sees upselling as much more than an extra revenue stream.

To her it’s all about adding value to the guest experience that ultimately brings more traffic, more returning guests together with a strong sense of brand loyalty.

From offering grocery delivery, early check-in and late checkout, to offering discounted tickets to local attractions, gift cards, and branded items in her site store, Tyann has explored every avenue for upselling.

As a vacation rental consultant, photographer, website designer, property manager, and Community Ambassador for the digital guide platform Touch Stay, Tyann is immersed in this business and shares so much of her experiences.

She talks about:

  • Different types of upselling
  • How a paid service that saves guest time is so valuable
  • Why membership of a local chamber of commerce can reap multiple rewards
  • How to build relationships with third-party providers
  • Being creative with what you sell
  • Managing the sales process using Jotform & Touch Stay
  • Marketing via digital guides

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