VRS378 – How to Choose Your Property Management Software – The 2021 Keystone Awards

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If you’ve ever spent hours scrolling through the features and benefits pages of software websites, then sitting through endless demos where the salesperson doesn’t want to deviate from the script, I feel your pain. 

We’ve been on the search for a new property management software for 3 years now, and will finally make a decision in the next few weeks. 

Now, with the tireless work from vacation rental software guru Terry Whyte, and the backing of VRMB founder and all-round industry authority, Matt Landau, the work involved has been made more manageable.

The Keystone Awards were founded in 2019 to explore the world of PMS platforms, and to help owners and managers navigate the pathways of all the different options. 

With hundreds to choose from – many of which promise the earth – it’s hard to drill down and find the right one to suit a business. 

Then of course comes the agonizing part – onboarding.  You have to learn a new system, and potentially find out what was promised and subsequently expected, is not quite there yet. 

VRMB aimed to draw back the curtain on what can be a challenging period in the growth of any company – making the right decision.

With a robust methodology that includes user feedback, statistical data, and outcomes of qualitative analysis drawn from multiple demos, the Keystone Awards team identified the software that were the best fit for the average vacation rental manager's needs.

“All of the companies we have chosen this year champion the concept of agility: the ability as a vacation rental manager to move quickly and easily when you hit a roadblock: the ability to stay agile and use the best tool for any given job.” VRMB Keystone Awards

Matt & Terry join me in this episode to talk about:

  • How the Keystone Awards came about
  • The research methodology involved
  • The most important questions to ask in a demo
  • Why you should never leave a demo without fully understanding a feature
  • The benefits of fully integrated software
  • How word-of-mouth buzz was used to identify winners of third-party software awards
  • Top choices of software for small managers


Winners of Keystone Awards 2021

Terry Whyte – Vacation Rental Software Guy