VRS369 - Handling Hard to Please Short-Term Rental Guests in Challenging Times

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No-one can deny it’s been a challenging year, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and it’s impacted everyone in this business.  Guests have been less tolerant, less relaxed, and voiced more frustrations and annoyance - often over the smallest things.  Our version of front-line staff, dealing with that frustration, anxiety, and irritation have done so while experiencing their own hardships and emotional turbulence.  And, it has taken its toll.

In this episode, Ali Cammelletti, an experienced coach and mentor, explains how much we need to focus on our staff, and help them to manage difficult situations and people while exercising a higher degree of self-care.

Ali wrote an inspiring article in VRM Intel entitled Practicing Conflict Transformation, where she addressed how we can actually change the course of communication by adopting an empathetic and emotionally intelligent approach.

From engaging in reflective conversation, to outlining a practical solution, while all the time listening closely, this way of handling difficult situations (whether with guests or owners) can work.  It just needs to be applied consistently.

Ali shares:

  • How we can ‘hang out in the right brain’ with our guests when they are having a meltdown
  • Ways of practicing emotional intelligence
  • The importance of helping staff (and ourselves) build our EQ
  • Some tips on ways to handle upset guests
  • Why we need to have a focus on self-care
  • Practical suggestions on maintaining emotional balance

Ali Cammelletti of Cammelletti Consulting has more than 28 years of experience in the hospitality industry. She has served in many capacities within the industry, from working as a frontline restaurant and lodging employee, to building and owning a successful event-planning business. She currently runs a consulting company that coaches and trains frontline staff and managers and helps them improve their leadership skills. Visit for more details.


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