VRS360 - A Fireside Chat About The Vacation Rental Biz with Amy Hinote

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Amy Hinote is a powerhouse in our industry.  With a background in finance and over 15 years of experience being in the thick of the vacation rental business, she is now positioned as one of the most sought-after experts to speak, moderate panels, and deliver insights into our industry.

As founder and editor-in-chief of VRM Intel, Amy has introduced us all to the inner world of the short-term rental industry.  She’s shared the mechanics of data and revenue management through one-day and virtual conferences and promoted the role of women in the business with the Vacation Rental Women’s Summit.

So, it was a pleasure to explore some of Amy’s passion projects in what we called a fireside chat.  It was around this time last year, I had a day out with her in her home state of Alabama on the Gulf Coast, when we actually sat beside a fire at her renovated farmhouse and discussed some of the things we followed up on in the conversation on this episode.

Our discussion coincided with a new 3-part series being broadcast live on VRM Intel by author and speaker, Amber Hurdle –  Growing as a Thought Leader  – so we talked about some of the concepts raised.  If you missed it, the series is available to watch on Vimeo.

Besides a little jazzy Jingle Bells, you’ll hear

  • Why the 2021 Women’s Summit will have a Xmas flavor (and why you need to reserve your spot)
  • What to expect at the Summit – can it get any better than the Countess of Carnarvon & Elizabeth Gilbert (Amy says no!)?
  • The reason women need to step up and be seen in this industry
  • How we all experience imposter syndrome – even Amy & Heather
  • The background to Second Home HQ and what to expect from the launch


Vacation Rental Women’s Professional Development Series

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