VRS358 - Knowing Your Numbers - The Metrics of Owner Acquisition

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Great homeowners (and homes) are the foundation of every vacation rental management business.  We all know this, but how many of us run the numbers and fully understand how valuable they actually are over time?   Do we consider the value of a new home in the inventory?  The cost of each acquisition and how long it takes to recover that cost?  The churn rate and the benefit of knowing all this to your exit strategy?

All of these things are factors that should come into play with a robust owner acquisition and retention strategy according to the founder of Vintory, Brooke Pfautz.

Brooke’s history with the short-term rental business goes back 12 years when he founded Vantage Resort Realty in Ocean City, MD, and took an idea on a napkin to more than 500 properties in just five years.  After exiting that business, he took his industry growth experience to major vacation rental brands before creating the only sales and marketing agency in the vacation rental industry, dedicated entirely to helping professional property managers add new homes to their programs.

Brooke shares:

  • The true value & financial benefits of adding a new property onto your rental program
  • How to calculate the lifetime value of a new home
  • Why it’s important to understand customer acquisition costs
  • The average value of property at exit/sale
  • The primary metrics to track

Vacation Rental Inventory Metrics 101: A Guide to Measure What Really Matters

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