VRS355 - A Short-Term Rental Advocacy Masterclass with Dana Lubner

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“If we didn’t do something, we would have lost all our abilities to do short-term rentals”– Dana Lubner

Short-term rental bans and restrictions are here to stay and we will all be impacted at some point.  Even if there are regulations in place right now, there’s a good likelihood they will change in the future so complacency isn’t an option.

Dana Lubner of Effortless Rental Group in Denver, Colorado found this out earlier this year when a series of affidavits were sent to local hosts, some even being charged with felonies.  At issue was the legitimacy of their primary residence, the definition of which was in question.The Good Neighbour Summit – an event created by Dana to bring vacation rental professionals together to establish standards– was the outcome.  

Over 100 stakeholders – hosts and managers – united to discuss what needed to be done to make their case for responsible rentals and better neighbor relations.

We’ve seen other STR professionals become immersed in advocacy issues over the years, notably Megan McCrae in Nashville, Dave Krauss with the Rent Responsibly platform, and Darik Eaton in Seattle.  Dana will be speaking with some of these advocacy pioneers as she brings a 10-episode masterclass to the airwaves in late September.

The series will showcase case studies and good practice and will help individuals and companies struggling in the face of looming legislation create a common voice for active participation in the process.

She explains how all this came about and the connection with Matt Landau of VRMB who is publishing the new podcast How to Save Your Vacation Rental.

In this episode Dana shares:

  • What got her into the short-term rental business?
  • How has Covid-19 impacted her property management company in 2020 and where she sees it going in 2021
  • The most significant changes in 2020
  • What started her mission to spread the advocacy message
  • How the Good Neighbour Summit came together
  • What the situation is like with STR in Denver now
  • What she will be teaching in the new podcast?

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