VRS351 – Creating An Awesome Vacation Rental Newsletter

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Matt Landau (VRMB) calls himself a ‘Newsletter Nerd’.  He’s spent over five years researching what constitutes a great newsletter that you look forward to every week and always open, as opposed to the one that pops into your inbox and out into trash without a second glance.

According to the author of Everybody Writes, Ann Handley:

“A global pandemic is a great time to launch an email newsletter."

Why? Because a crisis is not a time for Marketing to be clever or snarky. It’s time to be helpful and sincere. It’s a time to build relationships, nurture customers, and create long-term loyalty.

There’s no better way to do that than with the slow, steady cadence of an email newsletter. But only when it’s done right.

”Doing it right takes more than a quick idea and 10 minutes.  It requires a commitment to consistency, a structure, minimal promotion, and gives readers a reason to open.

In this episode, Matt takes us through the things we need to consider when creating a great newsletter and shares:

  • Why it’s important to add a newsletter to the marketing mix
  • Why telling your story keeps readers interested
  • The three parts that will increase open rates
  • The platforms that make it easy to produce a newsletter
  • What to include
  • How to address subscribers
  • Ideas on segmentation
  • How and when to include images and video

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