VRS348 - How to Create a Consistent Vacation Rental Brand with Louise Brace of Rental Tonic

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As more guests are seeing the light and rebelling against paying service/traveler fees it’s time to build your brand so once they find you, they’re hooked.

A powerful branding strategy is what makes us choose Pepsi over Coke, Apple over Microsoft, or Nike over Adidas, and although we’re just tiny versions of those mega-brands, the principles are the same.  It’s all about targeting the right people, communicating values, and sharing the emotional and functional benefits of using your brand.

We know that once we are committed to a brand, providing they continue to deliver on their promises, most consumers remain loyal.  They have an attachment that can be so strong they become marketing ambassadors for the brand.

Airbnb is a great example.  We all know people who cannot be swayed from their loyalty to the platform, and it would take a gross divergence from their stated values for their customer base to drop off.

In her presentation to The Book Direct Show in London earlier this year, Louise Brace of Rental Tonic talked about the importance of developing and maintaining consistency when creating a brand.

From focusing on the ‘why’ to defining ‘so that…’ principles, she shared how we can ensure our values permeate our brand so they are present in every aspect of communications and marketing to guests.

In this episode Louise expands on these ideas and tells us:

  • What does it mean to brand our businesses?
  • How to target your unique customers
  • How to define your business values
  • Why we need to know the ‘why’
  • Ways to use the ‘so that..’ format
  • What a brand pyramid framework means and how it can work for you
  • How to craft a tagline

Louise will be speaking at the online Book Direct Show  29th &  30th September.

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