VRS340 - SEO And Your Short-Term Rental Book Direct Strategy with Damian Sheridan

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So, you list with an OTA and they use their mighty clout and billion-dollar ad budgets to get right on top of Google and Facebook.

Then what happens, if you want to get more independent and take more direct bookings?  How do you get seen?

Vacation rental owner, SEO strategist, and Book Direct Show conference organizer Damien Sheridan answers these and other pressing questions about marketing tactics in this episode.

He talks about:

  • The basics of SEO for short-term rental operators
  • What’s involved in an SEO strategy
  • The #1 thing every owner and manager must have
  • Why on-page optimization is important
  • Why you should aim to rank for long-tailed keywords
  • The biggest mistakes operators make that can have significant cost
  • Position zero and whether this is a favored place to be
  • Featured snippets and how they can prevent visitors from coming to your site
  • The Book Direct Show and why you should attend [Now Short Stay Week, which includes The Book Direct Show & Scale Rentals and much more...]


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The Book Direct Show

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