VRS333 - Vacation Rental Marketing Through and Beyond COVID-19

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It’s difficult to know how to get the marketing balance right in these times.  Should you be talking about vacations when your guests are wondering when they will get a full pay cheque again?  Is it right to email them at all?  

Matt Bare of Q4Launch shares his thoughts on how we can best react to the rapidly changing landscape we’re experiencing now and explores what to do in preparation for recovery.

It’s a lot to do with empathy and how to get personal with customers.  

As Sharon Michie explained in VRS332, we need to get in front of guests who have booked.  To understand how they are feeling in this moment and to take control, so they feel cared for – even if it’s to tell them their vacation is cancelled because an owner has reclaimed their property.

At the same time, there will be an end to this, whether it’s in a month or 6 months or a year or more.  Not knowing when that will be is tough but having a plan in place to kick start your business is imperative.

Matt Bare offers a surfing analogy.  He calls it ‘catching the wave’.

Even if you haven’t surfed yourself you’ve probably seen surfers paddling out into the sea and treading water while they wait for the best wave to come.  They look towards the shore, back out to sea and keep an eye on others in the water.  They’re alert to everything that is around them.  The place you won’t see them is on the beach.  Even if they see the perfect wave coming from there, they’ll be too late to catch it if they have to go running into the water.

You have to be ready to go when the time comes. Ready to stand up and ride the wave.

You need to know what your competition is or isn’t doing – and maybe they are still on the beach watching!

I loved that.



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