VRS326 – How To Choose Property Management Software

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When I started out in property management 17 years ago there were a handful of companies offering booking software. Now, according to Terry Whyte, owner of Anna Maria Island Beach Condos, there are more than 1400.

That’s an astonishing number and it makes the business of choosing one so much more challenging.

As well as being the manager of nearly 50 properties, Terry has a fascination with property management software and has sat through countless demos in his search for the optimum platform, not just for his own company, but for smaller and larger businesses than his.

In a post on the Vacation Rental Marketing Blog he explores the components that make up a solidly rounded software and some that are beyond the standard.

From channel management (a necessity) to owner and guest portals; trust accounting and housekeeping modules, to revenue management and insurance, there is a lot packed into a high-performance PMS.

And as Terry says, even the most modestly priced solution is likely to have many of your needs covered.

So, as one who is currently in the market for a new software solution – Terry calls the one we currently use ‘legacy software’ meaning it’s older and in need of a complete rewrite – I wanted to get some of my key questions answered.

He talks about his favorite platforms and why they stand out from the rest, and why you should use the VRMB selector as your first task if you’re in the market to take a leap onto a new one.

Terry explains:

  • The most important things to consider when looking for new software.
  • How to start a search from all the options.
  • How to sift through all the hype and glitter and avoid paying for things you may never use.
  • How to know if you are getting value for money.
  • The strategy that suits a start-up business with big goals.

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