VRS317 – How to Succeed in This Crazy Short-Term Rental Business with Andy Meddick

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This is a crazy business. And the crazy isn’t going to stop any time soon. Regardless of whether you’re an independent owner or host, a small property manager or in charge of a gazillion properties in a consolidated environment, change is inevitable. We’ve just got to roll with it and do our best to meet the challenges. In today’s episode, fellow property manager Andy Meddick joins me to talk about why we continue to do this stuff!

Given Andy’s property management company is on the Eastern seaboard of the US and mine is based in Ontario, we had remarkably similar issues this year, so we shared anecdotes and stories in our year in review.

We talked about

  • The highlights and lowlights of a property manager in a summer of changing travel patterns
  • The craziest things our staff dealt with….sex toys in the dishwasher vs a chipmunk sitting on the toilet – you decide!
  • What we’d love our guests to do.
  • The challenges 2020 might bring.
  • Andy’s #1 tip for succeeding in 2020?
  • What makes it all worthwhile?

Who's featured in this episode?

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